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Introducing Enduring Handcrafs

Founded in 2015,
as project Sangraha it was registered as company in 2018, Enduring Handcrafts specializes in
in Co-Design with crafts.

Introducing Our

Sangraha is a brainchild of Dr Jaspal Kalra, that started as a project during his doctoral research. ‘Sangraha’ in hindi means for group of people and also commitment to sustaining heritage (Sangrahalya or museum) The word in itself expresses the vision behind it which was co-working with artisans in collaboration and reviving heritage.

Our Brands/ Projects


Sangraha Karigar Atelier

Conceptualised in 2015 it co-designs with artisans to create chikankari ensemble and products innovatively whilst reviving the craftmanship.


Sangraha Sab Tera

Empathy and challenges during testing times made us launch this wing of responsibility towards craft community and society at large. Creating products that are wrapped in service.


Sangraha Sa (सत्)

Conceptualised in 2020 this brand translates our truthfulness in craft and design. Pioneering innovation, constant ideating and experiment define the experience it carries. 


Sangraha Sacha Sauda

Conceptualised to ridge the gap between Art and Craft this project promotes residencies of artist with artisans and promotes Art embedded in craft through online gallery.

Our Board of Directors

Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.

Richard Sennett


Enduring Handcrafts in Media

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